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Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation or BPA as it is commonly called is the use of technology components to substitute and/or supplement manual processes to manage information flow within an organization. Typically the use of BPA allows most businesses to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase consistency. Automated workflows enable organizations to capture their business processes, ensuring that forms and documents are created, reviewed, approved and published according to company policies and procedures.
If you find yourself documenting repetitive internal business processes, then it's time to automate!
If your business uses processes that are outdated or highly manual, we can provide solutions that automate these processes.
Dual Layer can provide the following:
  • Business process mapping and analysis
  • Evaluation of packaged solutions and latest technologies
  • Customization and tailoring to suit business needs
  • Optimization and Documentation
  • Installation and implementation of solutions
  • End User and Administrator Training
  • Ongoing Technical Support
For more information please download our Office Setup & Relocation Brochure.