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  1. What can I outsource to your company?
    Dual Layer offers flexible solutions to cover any IT need. Our clients outsource part of their IT department functions or the entire IT services. You may choose to outsource your IT support needs, utilize a fully comprehensive managed service solution, or retain our services for special projects. Dual Layer has experience in setting up new offices relocating offices, website development, project management, custom application development, disaster recovery services, training, as well as purchasing hardware and software. To see how our company can assist your business please contact our client services department, if in the rare occasion that Dual cannot provide the services needed, we will help in referring you to someone that can.
  2. What size companies do you service?
    Our company specializes in helping small to medium businesses. Whether you are just starting out, opening a new office, or a well established business, we have the necessary experience to assist with your IT needs. In terms of industry specialization, Dual Layer has solid competencies in working with the Financial, Manufacturing, Trading, Property Management, Insurance, Retail and Law industries .
  3. What locations do you support?
    We currently support clients with offices in Hong Kong, Main Land China, Shanghai and Thailand.
  4. How long has Dual Layer been in business?
    Dual Layer has been delivering exemplary service since 2005. Combined senior level management have over 50 years of experience that further compliments the strong technical background of our software engineers, web developers, architects and project managers. We have doubled in size every year.
  5. How many clients do you support?
    To ensure that we are able to deliver a high level of service to every customer that includes quick availability and rapid response to any need, our company maintains a healthy ratio of clients to software engineers. Our team is constantly growing, as our company client portfolio continues to grow. At the beginning of 2009, we were providing managed services to roughly 700+ users.
  6. Can you assist with buying hardware or software?
    This is an extremely strong area for Dual Layer. Our company maintains close relationships with many of the top vendors and is able to acquire hardware and software at significantly discounted rates. We are also able to create unique packages and services that minimizes the amount of immediate out of pocket costs that is typically required. All hardware and software purchases come with installations services and quick turnaround time.
  7. Do you provide programming services?
    Yes. Our software development team has extensive experience in web and software development. Our team has programmed on multiple platforms in the following languages: C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, ASP, JSP, Html, PHP and many others.
  8. What certifications do you have?
    To see a list of our certifications please visit Our Team Expertise page.
  9. What are your standard hours of operation?
    Our standard hours of operation are 9a – 6p Monday through Friday. We are easily available during non office hours to handle emergencies and various projects.
  10. What if I need help outside your standard hours of operation?
    Simply call our hot line and your call will be return within 1 to 2 hours.
  11. Can you help us dispose of old equipment?
    Yes. Please contact client services department.
  12. Do you provide a Service Level Agreement?
    Yes. We believe in transparency, and all parts of our SLA are discussed before beginning a new project. All information is provided in layman terms and can be explained by your Account Representative.
  13. How easy will it be to communicate with your organization?
    We are easily reachable by phone or email. Existing clients will also be able to login and send or check on requests. We do not disappear, and make it common practice to return all phone calls within 24 business hours - Most support requests are handled the same day. All clients are assigned an Account Manager/Representative that you will be able to reach and discuss any needs you may have.
  14. How do I measure my outsourcing vendor’s performance?
    It is important to discuss expectations and set goals when starting a new relationship with any outsourcing vendor. These goals should then be turned into a set of measurable and quantifiable tasks. For example with managed services or IT support, you may