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Audit & Regulatory Compliance
Dual Layer takes a consultative and systematic approach to the need of its clients to ensure that all regulatory compliance standards and acts are met. We provide risk assessment and can develop fully regulatory systems and workflow processes. Compliance requires changes at both the administrative and the IT level. Administrative procedures must be designed to clearly show how companies will comply with security and privacy rules, while IT infrastructure must be secure, with back-up capabilities.
The Dual Layer team has experience in both the business and technical levels in making sure that business meet all requirements, as well as create an environment that is productive, safe and profitable. We will work with you to create a strategy that falls within your budget and provide a documented approach that is easy to understand and assess. Our services include:
  • Developing and maintaining a secure foundation on which internal process controls and financial data are maintained
  • Enabling accurate and real time inventory and reporting on computing hardware and software
  • Defining standard procedures and providing logging and tracking tools to ensure process consistency
  • Creation of forms-based tool that are centrally located for the entire organization