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IT Infrastructure Design & Setup
Most companies are running on smaller IT budgets but still required to do more with less. Less time, less hardware and less labor. At the same time businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure…servers, networks, operating systems, laptops, desktops, telecommunication system, firewalls, printers, and handheld devices. To remain competitive your IT department needs to run on the most optimized and reliable infrastructure that consists of robust hardware with a streamline process that allows your business and team to keep up with the increasing work load. Dual Layer can step in and evaluate your existing infrastructure, assess your requirements, along with current and future demands and create an infrastructure plan. The plan can be implemented as a project in stages by your internal team or outsourced to Dual Layer.
To determine and estimate infrastructure costs we typically look at:
  • The business facilities
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Number of current hardware items
  • Number of end users
  • Number of software applications and services
  • Number of current databases and database size
  • Number of current platforms
  • Number of transactions per second/per day
  • Critical nature of systems
  • Usage Patterns
  • Users' technological experience
  • Security Requirements
Dual Layer can provide expert solutions using a comprehensive approach or focus on specific areas such as: