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We understand that every client has specific needs, and require different hardware and software to meet their requirements. Dual Layer can assist with locating and securing any infrastructure or systems to your exact specifications.
We have extensive strategic relationships with several vendors that our clients are able to leverage to receive competitive and discounted rates that help save money. Along with cost savings, clients also benefit from single source billing, making the process relatively simple and hassle free.
One of our certified engineers will assess your office or company and consider your business requirements, user count, up time requirements, support requirements and budget and recommend vendors and hardware that will meet your immediate and future needs.
We can help with acquiring servers, networking equipment, cabling, desktops, laptops, peripherals, phone systems and all other assets needed to run optimally. Dual will manage the entire process, so that you and your team can focus on your business.
We deliver all quotes and estimates, so that there are no surprises and everything is kept transparent, with prior approval. Most importantly we offer an unbiased and consultative approach. Our goal is to ensure that you purchased your hardware assets at the best price, with the right functionality for your business requirements.
In terms of software, Dual Layer will complete an assessment of your required functionality, user skill levels, training requirement, and budget and provide recommended vendors and solutions. We will acquire the best licensing agreements that best suit your needs.
All software will be configured and installed, as well as necessary training provide to all users.
Here at Dual Layer we value your time, and do our best to install systems during slow periods or after hours to have the lowest impact on daily operations.