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Dual Layer IT Solutions will achieve its vision through following a set of values that is built on a solid foundation of honesty, fair business practices and respect towards colleagues, clients and vendors, while striving for professional excellence.
Dual Layer is working diligently to be a globally admired corporation, who provides the best IT solutions to clients wanting to outsource their IT infrastructure.
Our company maintains a single goal of becoming the preferred IT outsourcing vendor for small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong and nearby cities.
We believe that a company beliefs are as important, if not more important, that what it says or does. Our company stands on the following values and philosophies:
  • Practice and hold to the core values our company was built on: HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPECT
  • Provide a positive and mutually rewarding relationship for our clients, vendors and employees
  • Business first, technology second
  • Keep accountability and responsibility
  • Never sacrifice QUALITY
  • Empower employees
  • Always maintain a practical ratio of engineers and developers to clients and projects; Never accepting work that our team cannot complete successfully
  • Exercise effective communication, seeking approval from all parties when necessary
  • Stay in the know of all technological advances and maintain all certifications
  • Attract and retain, our most important resources, our employees
Throughout our website and during consultations, you will often hear our team discuss QUALITY.
  • Getting it done RIGHT, the FIRST time
  • Exceeding the customer expectations
  • Meeting or exceeding all time commitments and deadlines, while staying on budget
  • Following through on customer service
  • Creating solutions that actually benefit the client’s business
  • Customizing services for the clients. Not every client fits into “cookie cutter templates”. Mold the solution to the client, not the client to the solution
  • Look and seek out preventative methods over reactionary response