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Asset Management
Our IT Asset Management techniques have been assiduously built through the skeletal framework of theoretical knowledge imparted by colleges, and embellished by the flesh and blood distilled through experience on the field. Having faced audit teams over the years and complied with their requirements to the fullest extent, we know what it takes to manage assets - the "right way". Our expertise helps the auditing process in two ways: one, it is simplified, and two, during our day-to-day operations, we keep logs of our activities in real-time using formats and practices demanded by the audit process.
Proper asset management is another way to reduce costs and lower your IT budget. Your IT infrastructure is a major investment for your company, and it should be guarded and protected to avoid turning your assets into liabilities. Asset management allows business to realize their return on investment (ROI), leverage their investment and track their use.
Dual Layer provides seamless tracking of fixed and mobile assets across your entire organization. Inventory reports will be provided that shows in an easy format all assets, with their locations.
Our services include:
  • Visual Location Mapping of all assets
  • Usage and depreciation tracking
  • Asset Inventory
  • Managing employee relocations
  • Check-in and check out of laptops and other resources
Asset Mapping
Dual Layer will track the location of each asset within your company. Assets can be track by division, department, or individual office.
Asset Inventory
Track your organization's assets such as workstations, laptops, servers, printers, faxes, telephones and software licenses. Dual Layer can track maintenance coverage, warranties, equipment leases, software licenses and repairs that have been made for each item in your inventory. We can also assist with depreciation calculations.
Our monthly reports will cover inventory, maintenance, ownership and location. This allows you to track and assess the utilization and deployment of all assets.