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Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to our support packages:
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  1. Do you outsource your help desk?
    No. All of our technicians are certified engineers and employees of Dual Layer, working locally.
  2. What is remote support?
    With the advancement of technology, in many cases we are able to provide support remotely without the need for an onsite visit. This allows us to have a faster response to many issues that may come up. With remote support, after your permission, we are able to access your computer or systems from our office to fix issues as they come up.
  3. Once signed up, how do I get support?
    Whenever you have a technical issue or problem, you can access support by calling our technical hotline, emailing the support desk or filling out a support request online. All problems are handled with the utmost priority and attention, with most issues being resolved the same day.
  4. What cities do you provide coverage for IT Support?
    We are located in the Wanchai district, making us centralize for many parts of Hong Kong. In addition with remote support, we have been successful managing IT for other offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chaozhou, Mainland China, Thailand and other areas.
  5. Explain your pay per time block service?
    With Pay per Time blocks, our Care IT Basic and Care IT Premier support packages, clients pay in advance for a set amount of hours that can be used for IT support. These services are offered in 10, 20 or 40 hour time blocks. As support is provided on the phone, remotely or onsite, the amount of hours utilized is deducted from the hour balance. The time blocks purchased is subscribed for one year; however Dual Layer allows our client partners to carryover any unused time for the subsequent year, when a new package is purchased.
  6. Do you only support Microsoft systems?
    No. While a large part of support is for Microsoft technologies, Dual Layer also has extensive experience and knowledge with Linux, Cisco, IBM, Open Source and all major technologies available today.
  7. What if I add additional servers or desktops after I sign a contract?
    Some of our support services are not affected by number of servers or desktops, such as our Care IT Basic and Care IT Premier packages. However, in the case of our managed IT services, Care IT Total Plus, depending on how many additions you make, you may incur other charges, our service levels starts with up to 15 PCs, 25 PCs and 50 PCs respectively. How many servers you utilize also affects your rates with Care IT Total Plus. Your Account Representative will keep in close communication with you, so there is never a surprise and all situations will be approved before hand.
  8. What is managed services?
    Our managed services solution, CARE IT Total+, provides a complete approach to IT support. With this service, Dual Layer manages all servers, network and desktops for your company. It is a proactive solution, where you can rest assured that your systems are being monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. This allows us to catch problems before they occur. As a managed service client, we also ensure that your systems are kept up to date with all patches and software upgrades. We assist with purchasing new hardware as the need arises, and act in a consultative manner to keep your company in compliance with all government regulations.
  9. Will managed services replace my IT department?
    Not necessarily. Several of our clients have an IT department but used Dual Layer services to outsource the management and support of their IT servers, networks and desktops. In other cases, clients do have us at their IT department to save on overhead and lessen their IT budget. Your Dual Layer Account Representative will discuss with you your options and find a solution that matches your need and budget.
  10. What is the process, if I select to purchase an IT support package?
    Once you contact our Accounts and Sales department, your Account Representative will set a time to discuss with you your needs. This can be done over the phone or in person. Once a package has been selected, you will be sent a Service Level Agreement (SLA), so that you will gain a complete understanding of how our service and support works. Your Account Representative will then schedule an onsite office check-up visit, so that we can correctly gage the needs of your system and ensure that all systems are correct and able to function efficiently. During this visit, you will also be asked for a point of contact for your organization, and receive all information that will allow you and your team to communicate effortlessly with Dual Layer.
  11. How long is the contract term?