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Microsoft 365 Solutions

Office 365, a cloud-based platform, offers a collection of 30+ tools that help create an advanced digital workplace for streamlined content management, increased productivity and enhanced collaboration both for remote and in-office employees. Due to widespread cloud adoption, as well as scalability, affordability and rich functionality of Office 365, the suite has become one of the leading enterprise platforms that allow implementing powerful collaboration solutions.
To know more about the Microsoft 365 Solutions and compare license options, please visit Microsoft Website. You can also request Dual Layer’s Free Microsoft 365 Subscription / License Review Service to help you understand best cost effective options and whether your organization is benefiting fully from your current subscription or not. As a Microsoft Office 365 Consultant, we offer a full suite of services to cover O365 implementation/deployments, migrations, consulting, management/support, and backup and recovery solutions. We offer full suite of services to cover O365 implementation/deployments, migrations, consulting, management / Support and backup and recovery solutions as below;

Microsoft 365 Implementation

Microsoft 365 offers a large suite of apps and solutions which can be complicated to understand and implemented without having a deep knowledge of the products. The range of plans and licensing from Microsoft can be quite challenging for normal users to understand. Dual Layer, as a Microsoft Office 365 Consultant, has years of experience in O365 implementations for corporate clients. We work according to the business requirements of our clients and prepare a performance and productivity-packed implementation plan for clients.

Our implementation services cover the full scope from conceptual work to writing and providing full implementation plan covering all aspects of working environments. Over years Dual Layer has developed industry standard implementation policies with highest security standards. As part of our new deployments we will cover following in our planning and implementation phases.

All new implementations / deployments come with our professional management and support solutions. Our clients can focus on their business while Dual Layer will handle all day to day routine tasks and operational needs with fully managed expectations.

  • Evaluate and learn about clients exact needs for communication, collaboration, compliance and security
  • Prepare and suggest a well defined plan to address each segment of the solution
  • Implement all required configurations and customization / integrations required
  • Provide or build proper training library and continuous support.

  • Over 10 years of experience with large and small organizations
  • Customized and based on client’s unique business coverage
  • Security, compliance and recovery in mind
  • Seamless user experience as we proceed with migrations.
  • Detailed planning and execution with fully planned pre-migration checklists & post migration tasks

Microsoft 365 Migrations

Thousands of companies are daily migrating their communication and collaboration solutions to Microsoft 365. Migration to O365 could be daunting and risky task unless done right. Our expert O365 migration plans are the nurture of several years of migration work. With the help of right knowledge and industry best practices, Dual Layer performs seamless migrations over to O365 with least possible downtime based on each client’s unique situation.
With our in depth knowledge and experience comprising large, compliance sensitive and complex corporations , we will ensure to deliver unparalleled, highly customized and and fault free migration to O365. Whether its a large environment with complex solutions to migrate or small business, we can handle every task professionally with same level of attention. Our Migrations include:

If you would like to discuss our professional migration service, please get in touch with our team and we will provide full assistance and guidance for your migration project.

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Microsoft 365’s robust platform offers services which can be overlapping. With Dual layer’s consulting services we work with your teams to know existing practices and find a suitable Microsoft balanced plan for your organization.

As part of our consulting services we offer.

  • Key stakeholders meetings and discussions to analyze existing solutions
  • Gather requirements and feasibility checks
  • Planning and presentation of suggested solution for O365 to cover business requirements
  • Recommend useful customization and integration for enhanced productivity, security and compliance
  • provide consulting support at any stage of the project.
  • Subscription or Licensing Reviews to find if you have the right subscription

Ready to explore Microsoft 365 for your organization? Get in Touch with us and we will help with the journey to adopt Microsoft 365 cost effectively and with experienced advice.

Our team is available throughout the year and unlike an in-house administrator, you don’t have to supervise us, give us vacations or worry that once someone quit what you need to do to protect your systems.

Our management and support services come with a predictable and fixed costs so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

As your managed services provider, we will handle all immediate requests regarding O365 issues. Make sure to implement industry best practices in handling day to day tasks and provide routine support to your users.

Microsoft 365 Management & Support

Dual Layer offers professional management and support services for your Microsoft 365 subscription, including the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan. Our experienced and certified consultants handle security and configurations with the highest available standards.

Microsoft 365 solutions have grown in features, functions and complexity and if not managed and supported properly could become unmanageable and bring risks to the businesses.

To request our Management or support services or to know more , please Get in Touch with our Team.

Microsoft 365 Managed Backup and BCP

Every solution requires well planned backup and recovery implementation. Each business has its own unique requirements for backup, recovery and business continuity.

With out extensive set of integrations , Dual Layer offers ranged of Backup and Recovery solutions tailor made for its client’s requirement.

We plan compliance, security, recovery and business continuity solutions based on the jurisdiction or regulatory requirements. with our highly customized offerings we can plan each segment and map it with each compliance or regulatory requirement.
Dual layer offer ranges of cloud based, on premise or fully managed solutions for the backup and recovery.

Microsoft 365 is a hosted services platform, there could be a downtime and you may need a well defined plan for business continuity to deal such unaccepted issues.

Get in Touch with us to find more about our solutions for O365 Backup and Business Continuity for your business.

Experience the Difference with DUAL LAYER
  • Microsoft Cloud Certified Partner
  • Projects with O365 since its first release in 2011
  • Highly Skilled and experienced consultants
  • All round consulting support, including user adoption
  • Cloud licenses at a discount with suggested solutions
  • Timely and smooth O365 Implementation
  • Comprehensive cloud account management services
  • Effective optimization and integration solutions
  • Reduced TCO and increased ROI
  • Manage and Maintain not simple operations but help customers with Data protections and full O365 optimizations

Contact Us Today and feel the difference with Dual Layer’s consult with extra care solutions.

Microsoft 365 FREE Security Assessment

Microsoft 365 has a robust compliance and security feature set. Most deployments lack the best practices in depth setup. We offer free O365 Security Assessment for any firm to benefit from our experience.

  • Security Assessment to cover all protection policies
  • Domain name records and MX records verification
  • Consultants to evaluate the current level of security and suggest any enhancement
  • Teams, Meetings, Email, Sharepoint security assessment

If interested, please request the O365 Security Assessment TODAY