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Great work comes from happy people

Dual Layer was formed to provide twice the care, attention and secure services to our client’s assets and systems. Here at Dual Layer, our services are comprehensive and complete to ensure that our client’s business processes are secure and efficient.

DLIT, as we are commonly referred by, was formed in 2005, and has since grown to one of the premiere IT outsourcing vendors in Asia for Small and Medium Enterprises. Since inception, we have doubled our client portfolio every year and accredit this growth to the focus we place on our clients’ needs, down to the smallest of details. This has resulted in a highly satisfied client base. We are proud that a significant percentage of new clients come from client referrals.

Our corporate headquarters is located in the Quarry Bay district. We currently support clients from various parts of the world who have regional offices located in Asia. Our clients’ headquarters span such areas as Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom and United States.

We offer a wide variety of solutions for industries spanning hedge funds, asset management, insurance, property management, trading, manufacturing, retail, law and several others. Our team consists of professionals that possess a strong belief in creating and delivering value added solutions that support your business operations.

Rest assured that while working with us, there is one aspect we will never compromise…this is in the area of QUALITY. Our clients are never shortchanged in any capacity. Our goal is to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget, systems are maintained with the highest probability for maximum uptime, technology solutions support the business not run it and communication is always clear and concise. We believe that we employ some of the best multi-lingual staff in the business with the technological know how to solve any IT related issue.

Team Meeting
Our Team

Our team utilizes a collaborative approach when working on the needs of our clients. We maintain a strong ratio of engineers and developers to ensure that our clients’ needs are met quickly and successfully. Based on our process and implemented strategies, over 85% of our client’s maintenance needs are solved within the same day.

Linked with our business processes are our team’s technical competencies. All technical employees are Microsoft Certified with a minimum of 4 years experience. Even our sales professionals have had a successful background in IT to ensure that they are able to correctly service the needs of our clients.

We are often complimented on our ability to easily communicate with different levels of personnel from countries spanning the globe. Our employees are multi-lingual, with a strong command of several languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi.

Our team has one passion and that’s to provide great service to our clients. We strive hard to provide best available solutions and with efficient support to our clients. Our team builds its capabilities around client environments to produce good results”

  •  Our average staff has a minimum of 6 years experience
  • We hire staff based on their experience expertise along with personality, creativity and professionalism
  • Our team has consistently been recognized for their ability to communicate effectively and simply with all our clients
Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is simple and states that Dual Layer will strive to provide the top echelon of services and solutions for any company, no matter the size. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality solutions, at a fair price, that will benefit their bottom line as well as their daily operations.

Our commitment to our employees is to consistently provide opportunity for growth and personal development, as well as to maintain a fair and rewarding environment that is both challenging and fun.

To our industry and profession, Dual Layer commits to delivering such solutions and services that will further showcase the benefits and advantages of the IT outsourcing model. Dual Layer will create and implement solutions that are fair and advantageous to all clients, while maintaining an emphasis on quality and care.

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