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Category : Managed Services 04 Feb 2010 04:34 AM
If you’ve ever suspected that someone is up to no good on your IT systems and haven’t done anything about it - then be prepared for it to come back and bite you big-time and hard in the future. It is a sad fact but some people come to regard a works IT system as little more than a play thing for them to indulge themselves in, way beyond the occasional use of a social networking site or researching something for themselves on your time. We are talking here about any activities that could harm your business if not being actual criminal activities - on your IT systems. If you suspect such activity isn’t it time you found out about expert computer forensic services?
SMBs and computer forensics.
Computer forensics is a highly specialized branch of IT requiring detailed training, for most SMBs (small to medium businesses), even those with their own IT support services, the cost of getting a member of staff trained and qualified in computer forensics would be prohibitive. However, that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t access computer forensics experts as there are several highly professional and reputable IT consultancies in Hong Kong that you can contact for help in this matter. Indeed, whilst your own IT support team might be able to offer some degree of checking for nefarious activities on your IT system - what can you do if it is one of the IT staff themselves that you suspect? The answer is of course to engage an independent IT forensics consultancy.
Reacting to a suspected breach in the integrity of your IT systems.
Needless to say a breach in the integrity of your IT systems needn’t necessarily come from within your company or even be something that is criminal in nature. It might be that your network security systems simply need updating or that you need to consider some new systems designs and implementations. If you believe the integrity breach to be non-criminal in nature, your initial reaction should, in fairness to the employee(s), be first to discuss your concerns with them, allowing them the opportunity to explain themselves. If you, possibly supported by your own IT services team members, are satisfied then you can move forward. However, if you doubt what they have told you or are convinced there is some sort of nefarious activity taking place - you really do need some expert computer forensics carrying out to establish exactly what has been going on.
What to expect from a computer forensics service.
Your own IT department may well be able to carry out some simple searches for superfluous software installed on machines, hidden files and folders etc; but a computer forensics expert can do much more than that. If someone were to suspect that their criminal activity on your IT system was about to be discovered what would they do - destroy the evidence. The recovery of data, its analysis and preservation as evidence, is essential to you proving a case of criminal intent against an employee, skills that your IT consultant in computer forensics will have in abundance. Needless to say hidden files and password protections, no matter how deeply encrypted, will present no problem to a computer forensics expert. However, sometimes proving the existence of a file or folder is not enough on its own, so a computer forensic expert will also be able to analyze the activity of users on your IT system to produce evidence in support of the data analysis. This will include all login/logout times, files created/deleted and times etc; for both intranet and internet access, including emails.
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