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Microsoft & The ‘browser ballot screen’
Category : Web Solutions 02 Mar 2010 12:11 PM | Insider News
Microsoft is offering certain Windows users across Europe ‘a browser choice screen’, as part of its settlement with the European Commission.
The ‘browser ballot’ scheme is a move by Microsoft to make it easier for users of its software to pick an alternative browser should they wish, other than the company’s own offering: the highly popular Internet Explorer. Over the First week of March as part of the testing process, some Windows PC users in the UK, France and Belgium, will see a ‘ballot box’ when they switch their computer on , allowing them to pick which web browser they want to use to access the internet.
Other popular web browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome, will now be listed alongside Internet Explorer. The top five browsers will be presented in a random order and users will be able to click a button to install whichever browser they want and to find out more information. It will be presented to people through the automated Windows Update service.
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