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Our team utilizes a collaborative approach when working on the needs of our clients. We maintain a strong ratio of engineers and developers to ensure that our clients’ needs are met quickly and successfully. Based on our process and implemented strategies, over 85% of our client’s maintenance needs are solved within the same day. Linked with our business processes are our team’s technical competencies. All technical employees are Microsoft Certified with a minimum of 4 years experience. Even our sales professionals have had a successful background in IT to ensure that they are able to correctly service the needs of our clients. We are often complimented on our ability to easily communicate with different levels of personnel from countries spanning the globe. Our employees are multi-lingual, with a strong command of several languages including English, Mandarin, Tamil, Chinese and Hindi.
Client Quote
DLIT are always responsive to our needs and they understand how crucial it is to maintain the efficiency and integrity of our systems at all times.
- Anthony Mills, Group Managing Director
Marriage Maestros
Our team members are certified in Microsoft, Linux, Mac, Cisco, H3C, ISc2, ISACA and many others.