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O365 – Compliance features for Microsoft Teams by Microsoft

Security being a vital aspect of an enterprise requires attention and effort. Given the rising popularity of remote work, organizations across the globe are investing in tools and technologies that help them collaborate with teams without any hassle. While there are an array of choices available, one that has gained tremendous popularity is Microsoft Teams.


What are Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a recent addition to the Microsoft 365 family. The interface might appear to be something similar to Slack but in reality, Microsoft teams aim at revving up the collaboration game, bringing teams closer and making communication easier.


Compliance Features of Microsoft Teams

As the linchpin in the O365 portfolio, Microsoft Teams connects products and applications under the single head. It is the communication channel between users facilitating interaction and collaboration in real-time.  From one-to-one conversations to group chats, conducting meetings, and scheduling webinars, the platform supports all.

Keeping all of this aside, an important aspect embedded within the Microsoft Teams application is their adherence towards security and compliance.

Microsoft Compliance includes multiple aspects such as compliance for chats, channels, and attachments, communication, retention policies, chats and files, Data Loss Protection (DLP), audit log search, eDiscovery and legal hold for channels, along with mobile application management in accordance with Microsoft Intune.

Detailed overview of O365 Compliance


  • Information barriers

Microsoft Teams is primarily a business tool designed to facilitate communication between teams within the organization. To keep things professional and avoid personal interaction between employees. When there isn’t any business need, the tool prohibits them from interacting on a personal level. In fact, the tool can also block people who try to communicate.

  • Communication Compliance

 Communication compliance relates to the use of abusive, unacceptable languages during an official conversation. Several in-scope policies have been added to scrutinize and examine the messages, ensuring that they adhere to the regulatory standards of the organization. Microsoft Teams has significant policies for both the group chats and private chats. This helps scan all messages eliminating the possibility of communication risks.

  • Retention Policies

 These work as a two-way system. Meaning that the channel would retain data that are relevant to the organization. The communications or the data that seem to be unwanted or irrelevant to the business can be easily removed from the channel. In addition to this, the tool can be customized to retain data for a specific period of time and then would be removed automatically.

  • Electronic Discovery

Microsoft Teams gives the esse to assess and produce electronically stored information which can then be used when required in action against lawsuits. Additional capabilities of the application include searching, preserving, exporting, and managing data. Also, the tool gives the esse to manage cases with ease.

All of these can be done on chat, messages, and in-app files. They also work well for discovering information from meeting or call summaries. With respect to Calls and Teams meetings, the tool enables the creation of an epiphany, listing all that took place in the event, and then this can be accessed in the eDiscovery.



  • Data Loss Prevention

Losing sensitive information or one that is important for the organization isn’t good for the business. Whether it is accidental or done deliberately by a hacker, it is important to have a data prevention mechanism in place. Microsoft Teams has a built-in compliance policies that help secure and protect sensitive data of the organization. This helps avoid all possibilities of loss, strongarming your enterprise.

In addition to the above, Microsoft Teams have additional features relative to the content search, legal hold, and auditing and reporting. For them, security comes first, and under no circumstances would the organization’s data privacy would be compromised.


 Microsoft is very particular in its approach and the application vouches for the same. Besides offering tons of features to simplify communication, they adopt a plethora of security practices to keep the entire infrastructure secure and free from hacks.

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