O365 – Microsoft Teams Meetings & business features

Microsoft office happens to be the oldest of all software in the digital world. Time travel 25 years ago, you would still have the Microsoft Office suite installed within those heavy desktop computers. Combining the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, Microsoft has been the part and parcel of a desktop for long.

However, that is not it. Microsoft has always been on the forefront and excelling at the innovation front. What started with the basic office package grew to be the O365 packages, offering tons of other features. This was based on a subscription and could be leased depending upon the features and the corresponding requirements. 

The modern-day Microsoft package has a lot more than just the basics. Communication tools, business emails, and cloud file storage, O365 encompasses all. The beauty of using the above package is that Microsoft offers this as a subscription model. Every time an update is released, the package it auto-updated for its current users. 

Recently Microsoft added Microsoft teams as part of the O365 features. This article will highlight all of such business laden features offered by Microsoft 365. 

Without much ado, let’s get started with it.

O365 Microsoft Teams: What to expect?

With world moving to the work from culture, remote connectivity and virtual engagement have been the topic of grave concern. While there are apps that facilitate communication, not all have the needed flexibility to act as a dedicated workspace. 

Microsoft Teams has been designed keeping in mind the need for a remote workspace with all features needed to emulate office work culture. As a chat-oriented workspace, the Microsoft Teams application allows teams to interact and engage effectively. The application has built-in tools such as OneNote and SharePoint which allows them to achieve more.

Microsoft teams are more like a remote hub where employees can e-meet, share their documents, host meetings, etc. Employees can leverage the video calling feature to connect love with the team members either on an ad-hoc basis or by scheduling a meeting. 

Features offered by the portal include: 

  • Chat Functionality

Apparently the most common feature, the Microsoft Teams application enables employees and other members to engage in one-to-one or group chats based on their requirements. 

  • Separate Conversation Boards

Microsoft teams allow you to have separate boards or channels created within the application. Members can be added to these channels to host group meetings or conversations on the go. Unlike slack, Microsoft Teams allow you to invite members from other channels using the @ sign.

  • SharePoint for documenting

Microsoft teams come with a built-in document storage tool named SharePoint. This is more like an online library giving you the ease to store all of your organization’s documents with ease. Shared files are all stored within this library and access can be restricted only to the ones authorized for the same. 

  • Video Calling

Video conferencing and screen sharing has been the two most important activities part of the remote work culture. With the Microsoft Teams’ application, members can engage in real-time opting for live conferencing or video callings. The host can share the screen when connecting with team members to share information or keep the employees updated about something.

  • Meetings

Microsoft teams have a specific feature that helps conduct company-wide meetings or training sessions on the go.  The feature is supported by in-app messaging, note-taking, etc. Such meetings have a link generated that can be shared by all who are expected to attend the same. They could be an employee or an outsider.

  • The Final Word

Microsoft Teams is a user-friendly application with an easy-to-use interface. This helps streamline communication and connect with remote teams without having to worry about the geographical gap. Microsoft teams are now part of the O365 package and so anyone who is the active user of Office 365 can leverage the benefits of team application. Put simply, Microsoft teams embed simplicity in collaboration and communication across teams.

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