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Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies In 2018

There is an advancement in technology with more sophisticated gadgets being introduced into the world with every rising sun. The newest breakthrough in technology in 2018 are believe will make the world a better place to live in. Let us take a look at ten of them.

  1. 3D Metal Printing

This art of 3D metal printing has moved a mile ahead and is being viewed as not just something done for leisure. Its implementation in manufacturing industries is viable and it could be done in large scale. Its implementation requires that factories to have large inventories and only do printing on demand. The large factories having limited production can, therefore, be replaced with small ones which produce wider range of products and can easily adapt to the ever-changing customer needs.

  1. Sensing City

There is a plan to turn urban areas into smart cities which will make the life of the residents more comfortable with affordable commodities. Such cities are also expected to be environmentally friendly and inhabitable. Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront in Toronto have the plan to implement this state-of-art digital technology.

  1. AI for Everybody

The use of artificial intelligence is still dominated by only a few companies. However, if turned into a cloud-based service then it can reach many people globalizing its use. That will have a positive impact on the economy of the world at large. Cloud-based AI is a breakthrough which makes technology usable. The Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the key players in this new technology.

  1. Fighting Neural Networks

This new technology makes two Artificial Intelligence systems to engage each other making more realistic original sounds or images. No machine has ever achieved this before. If integrated into the machines, they will have the capability of imagining things and depend less on human intervention for smooth operation. Google Brain, DeepMind, and Nvidia are working day and night to turn it into a reality.

  1. Babel-Fish Earbuds

One major factor which hinders globalization is the language barrier. Babel-Fish earbuds is a near-real-time translation kit which can translation from and to many different languages thereby enhancing effective communications among the parties involved. Thanks to the Google and Baidu companies.

  1. Zero-Carbon Natural Gas

The greenhouse effect is the problem which is associated with the increasing industrialization of different countries in the world. Many industries including the US electricity generating plants emit large volumes of carbon into the atmosphere posing threat to the ozone layer. Good news is that there is a power plant already in place which efficiently captures any carbon in the air by burning natural gas, courtesy of Exelon Generation, 8 Rivers capital, and CB&I.

  1. Perfect Online Privacy

Computer scientists are working tirelessly day and night in making perfect a cryptographic tool which is conveniently used for verifying something without having to show what lies behind the proof. One can to disclose their private information online without fear for one’s privacy thereby reducing the theft risks.

  1. Generic Fortune Telling

Scientists have discovered a way of using one’s genetic makeup in determining the probability of suffering from heart diseases, breast cancer or even knowing your IQ. Myriad Genetics and the rest are working hard to bring to life this DNA-based prediction technique.

  1. Materials’ Quantum Leap

The IBM and Google team have come up with a way of understanding molecules in its exact detail which will make medication and treatment more precise and accurate. The simulation has already been done using a special computer called a seven-qubit quantum computer.

  1. Artificial Embryos

It has been possible to create an embryo-like structure using stem cells alone. This will help understand better the beginning of human life. However, this is yet to be challenged and possibly trigger bioethical debates.