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Category : General 17 Dec 2009 04:37 AM
Whether you count your years as AH or AD, one way or another December sees the beginning of the New Year; it being 1431 AH on December 18th and, as we all know, the IT international standard 2010 AD at the end of the month. (Unfortunately the Chinese New Year has to wait until Valentine’s Day in February.) Either way - what are you likely to be calling on your favorite IT consultancy in Hong Kong for in the next 12 months?
Social Media and security
Web 2.0 technology has been a great advance to internet services and yet at the same time - with the way that some of your employees use it at work, it really could be the weakest link in your IT security. Preventing employees from blithely inviting unknown internet users to contact them through Facebook et al whilst at work just could save you from an embarrassing breach of security by a hacker. Or, even worse - the cyber-criminals know that if they get someone to bite on a ‘phishing expedition’, it’s easier than them even bothering to try hacking themselves..
Clouds hanging over IT.
One of the buzz words of 2009, 1430 if you will, has been cloud computing. In the pipeline for the best part of a decade it did finally became a reality. Unfortunately, as cloud computing rolls out, there will be the inevitable attacks on IT security requiring new network solutions to be deployed. With businesses still reeling from the world-wide recession spending yet more money on IT outsourcing might be the last thing on their minds, which could of course turn out to be false economy. Something as simple and effective as anti-spam and anti-virus protection from your IT services provider, could pay real dividends. That means fully installed, fully updated and fully functioning - is yours? Also within this aspect of cloud computing IT security you need MSS for IDS/IPS monitoring, vulnerability monitoring and web application scanning. For more details talk to one of the best Hong Kong IT services like Dual Layer.
Cyber-Crime at home!
Of course it’s not just businesses that are prone to cyber-crimes. Home internet users also really ought to think about getting their computer checked out by a PC support company to make sure they’re not wide-open to cyber-attacks. Once again, and it can never be said enough times, if you haven’t got a firewall and an anti-virus package installed on your home computer(s) - do so now before its too late! As stated above social networking sites are almost becoming a playground these days for cyber-criminals, so do be careful who you give personal information to. Don’t forget that a cyber criminal can make just as much money out of you by stealing your identity online as they can be ‘phishing’ or keystroke loggers etc. Once they have your details they can rip you off by taking out a credit card in your name, something you will never know about until the bills start to arrive! If you want to be 100% safe online - ask the experts at Dual Layer Systems Solutions to give you a PC security health check.