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Category : Web Solutions 23 Dec 2009 04:42 AM
Regardless of the time of year, if your website is now looking a bit ‘last year’, or even worse last decade, then perhaps it’s time you decided to re-vamp that website? Website design is an ever evolving process and, pretty much the same as for High Street fashions, colors, styles and arrangements can suddenly look tired and unattractive, to established customers and clients, as well as those new ones that all businesses need. So, the following are a few ideas you might want to discuss with your website design and development consultants.
Be radical!
What you’ve got to remember is that the internet is an ever increasing entity with an ever increasing number of competitors and you need to keep yourself one step ahead of them. This may require you to quite radical in your approach to your website design. No one would suggest here that you need to have bright pink flashing text on a bright green background screaming “look at me”. But, what you do want is a website that is both attractive to visitors and retains their interest. By having a webdesign consulting company review your website they will quickly be able to advise you how to inject new life into your website, whilst also retaining the overall ethos of your company that is important to you. After all, the real success of your website is the information it holds that is of interest to the visitors - all you need to do is make sure that it is presented in the best possible way.
Telling and Selling your story.
Your website should both tell and sell a story about your business/company, that way you will engage the visitors on an emotional level - rather than simply presenting them with page upon page of dreary facts or statistics. The best Hong Kong IT services offering website developments will have plenty of experience rearranging website designs so that web-pages are broken up into easy to manage sections using headers, footers and sidebars; not to mention comprehensive menu headings and options that will take users to exactly the pages they seek. There is, of course, a place for what might well be ‘dreary facts and statistics’ in your website, they just don’t have to be the first thing visitors are taken to.
Copy and illustrations.
The biggest cardinal sin on any website is to have out of date copy and illustrations. No one wants to visit a website and read about special offers for or see pictures of Christmas - if it’s now the Chinese New Year! Even if you don’t want to redesign your website at least make sure that a good web solutions consulting company, like Dual Layer in Hong Kong, are asked to keep your copy and illustrations up to date. Don’t forget as well, a section reserved for an illustration doesn’t have to display just one image, there are plenty of devices available to your webdesign consulting team to have a dynamic rotating set of images/illustrations - rather than one static one. Don’t forget as well that keeping copy up to date also applies to your web pages dealing with things like your terms and conditions etc. For example, does something need amending on your copyright page or your company policies etc?
Neglected websites.
Be honest with yourself, have you been neglecting your website? It’s quite understandable if you have, what with all the other jobs calling on your time. However, there are a few things that really are passé on web-pages these days. Over-use of capital letters and under-lining to try and make things stand out, white text on dark backgrounds (or worse light ones), too many different fonts, font sizes and colors that don’t match your corporate ones or reflect your product. Also, there’s my pet hate, web pages that seem to scroll on for ever and ever. All of those things could actually be stopping your website from attracting visitors and could be harming those all important page rankings. If that describes some of the things in your website then you really do need the help and advice from a website IT outsourcing company in Hong Kong.
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