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How Can I Test My Hard Drive For Problems?
Category : IT Infrastructure Setup 22 Sep 2009 10:38 AM
Whilst what we commonly refer to as a hard disk drive crash can happen at almost any stage in the life of a computer it doesn't necessarily mean that the hard disk has been rendered completely useless. Many hard disk crashes are simply due to errors on the hard disk that can be corrected or can even be due to a failure of the power unit, which is easily replaced. So, if you experience a hard disk drive crash - you don't have to fear the worst as one of the excellent Hong Kong IT services providers like Dual Layer IT Solutions may well be able to help you. However, if prevention is better than cure - how can you test your hard drive for problems?
Some basic precautions to follow.
There are some basic precautions you or your computer support staff can take, in order to avoid the risk of your hard disk drives crashing. The first thing is to realize that the operating system that is installed on your computer will have some software in it that can help you to diagnose the condition of your hard disk and it can even carry out some simple repairs on the hard disk itself. For example, if you're suddenly aware of your hard disk taking a long time to load or save data, probably also making a lot of noise when doing so, it could be that the hard disk is having trouble locating all the data for a file. Running a systems program like disk defragmenter will enable the computer to sort out all of the files and data, making it more easily accessible and therefore reducing the wear and tear on the hard drive as it looks for things. Another program, scandisk, can repair systems files that have become corrupted due to incorrect shut down procedures, which can give the impression that the whole hard disk has failed. If you do have a hard drive problem that scandisk can repair, be sure to shut down the PC correctly in future to avoid the problem re-occurring.
Today we mainly think of viruses as being used to steal data from hard drives rather than causing the hard drive to fail. The fact is though that viruses are often the reason why modern hard drives stop working. The virus is there to destroy or mine data, in doing so it may well infect and affect the systems software needed to keep the hard drive working. However, of particular interest to anyone using PCs for commercial operations is the threat from a virus designed to stop a hard rive working in order to give an advantage to a commercial rival. The solution to this is, of course, simple enough - use anti-virus software as a first line of defense in your IT security. But, just having anti-virus software isn't enough. You must run it regularly, preferably every day when you're not working on the PC and you must keep it up to date. A good anti-virus software package from a reputable IT consultancy in Hong Kong will be set up to receive updates daily, keeping your hard disks working safely.