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Messaging Solutions for Your Organization
Category : General 05 Aug 2009 09:49 AM
Is it possible to imagine running your business or organization without email? Almost probably not on two counts. First there's your internal communications, keeping everyone informed of what's happening, what's needed, what's coming up etc and secondly of course, there's your external communications. Just about any of the functions that your business or organization deals in will require an efficient and reliable email system; whether it's for supporting an existing customer, processing orders, sending marketing information to potential customers etc - all of them rely on a working email system.
Can you rely on your email system?
It's a simple enough question, can you rely on your email system? Whilst the days of relying on MS or Yahoo or Google for your email service will, hopefully, be long gone - are you still reliant on a server farm somewhere else that is hosting your email along with your website? If so you really should consider taking full control of your email system. Until you do you are putting at risk anything that is sent via email, be it a simple reminder to a client about a meeting, legal paperwork or a sales proposal etc. Even worse, it's not just the threat to information being sent by email being intercepted by hackers on the web; in a recent survey of internal company emails security breaches by their own employees accounted for on average $3.7 million worth of theft and fraud in Fortune 1000 companies - each per year!
How you can take control of your messaging systems.
Fortunately the solution to taking control of your email messaging systems is relatively straight forward. By contacting an IT systems solution provider, like Dual Layer IT Solutions, they can advise you on the best in-house messaging solution to implement. This might be MS Exchange server or another dedicated hosting system, entirely depending on your needs. Established and reputable IT solutions providers like Dual Layer IT Solutions will not only advise you as to what is required but can also arrange for all the necessary hardware or software to be delivered and they can also install it for you if you wish. After that should you need further help they can train your staff in managing the messaging system or you can utilize an IT support contract for help when needed. Alternatively, you could consider entirely out-sourcing the management of the messaging system to a third party.
Won’t installing my own email system cause a disruption to my business?
The answer to that is a definite no. Whilst installing and setting up something like MS Exchange can take several days, dependant on the size of the organization and what exactly is required, you can continue to run your existing email system until everything is finalized. After that using the new email system will be entirely seamless to your employees/users as it is completely interoperable across all the various and extranet recipient email clients. Finally, of course you need to think about how your employees/staff will adapt to the new system. Whilst sending an email is generally an intuitive thing these days - what if you wanted them to send digital certificates and encrypted emails? Don't worry there's also a solution to this sort of issue - ask the IT systems supplier about set-up guides and on-screen user tutorials, to guide them through the new system.