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EMC, Intel, VMware to Secure Private Clouds
Category : General 05 Mar 2010 08:47 AM | Industry News
EMC, Intel and VMware are joining forces to improve security and regulatory compliance in cloud computing with a proof of concept to be demonstrated at this week's RSA Conference in San Francisco.
Intel's new Westmere processing chip, which will feature a new platform called "Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)".
RSA adds that cloud vendors should provide greater visibility into the security of hardware platforms; produce automated, standardized reports on configuration of physical and virtual infrastructure; and provide evidence that infrastructure complies with security policies and data standards.
While the advent of cloud infrastructures built on a measured chain of trust is not a cure-all for cloud security and compliance, it does mark an important milestone.
The hardware and virtualization layers, formerly a "black box" within the cloud, now become as inspectable, analyzable and reportable for compliance as the cloud's top-most application services layer.
With this previously unimagined level of visibility, cloud providers can develop the infrastructure-level policy controls and end-to-end security attestations to handle the most demanding security requirements.
By now, two things are clear. The journey to the cloud is inevitable and we're going to have to secure it.But the fact is, we're being presented with an opportunity to advance information security beyond anything else since the advent of encryption.Cloud infrastructures will catapult us forward because they force enterprises to focus on their security policies and processes -- and not just on security technology.