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Macs Better Value Than PCs
Category : General 19 Mar 2010 09:38 AM | Insider News
Well who would have thought it, according to a report from the Enterprise Desktop Alliance the TCO (total cost of ownership) for running Macs is more cost effective than Windows based PCs. Based on a survey of enterprise IT managers responsible for a mixture of PCs and Macs, where the Mac component was either 100 workstations or 50 servers and so is potentially well within the IT functions of SMBs world-wide.
The headline figure for operating Apple Macs compared to PCs running Windows is around a 20% saving, which across an IT operation of at least 100 desktop and laptops would be a significant saving indeed. Major savings contributing to that overall 20% saving include Macs needing only a quarter of the time troubleshooting problems compared to that of a PC, it only taking half the time to configure a system compared to a PC and lower software license costs - with Macs being about 10% less expensive on average. However, one cost comparison that could explain some of these cost differences is that to train someone in using a Mac is barley a third of that for a PC user.
Which brings us to why would an IT department install a mixture of PCs and Macs, or indeed a solely Mac operation, in the first place. Quite simply in terms of an SMB that’s probably because an important aspect of the core business is in design and/or publishing. Ergo, personnel using Macs are already totally familiar with them and their specialist software. So, is there anybody out there not already using Macs in their IT operations willing to put this report to the test?