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Facebook Password Virus Scam
Category : General 23 Mar 2010 09:40 AM | Industry News
A wave of applications have been published that promise to reveal the truth about which of your friends are viewing your Facebook profile. The promise is worthless and the apps are bogus.
The security firm said the attachment is actually a "password stealer" that is installed when a user clicks on it and can potentially access any username and password combination on that computer, not Facebook-related information.
A large number of these bogus mails have already been hovering across the web, particularly in the United States, Europe and Asia. Dave Marcus, Director of Malware Research and Communications, McAfee, expects that the virus is likely to infect a million computer users. Facebook has advised users to just delete the email and to warn their friends about this virus. The anti-virus maker suspects that this email virus will succeed in infecting millions of computers.
"This threat is potentially very dangerous considering that there are over 400 million Facebook users who could fall for this scam," says security firm McAfee.
Sharp-eyed users might notice there's something wrong. "Facebook would never send an email alerting a user that they changed his or her password," says McAfee. Instead, the company would direct the user to a password reset page by sending them a link.
If you receive this email simply delete it. If you have opened it then you should:
  • Run an AntiVirus on your computer
  • Change your Facebook password
  • Notify your Facebook friends that it happened to you in case the Virus is sending them messages or requests.
Facebook would never send an email alerting a user that they changed his or her password. Another clue that can signal a user has received a spam email is the use of poor grammar and awkward phrases such as in the below greeting “Dear user of facebook.” Please note that McAfee customers with current subscriptions are protected from this type of malware.