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New Zombie Dos Attacks Using Web
Category : General 15 May 2010 03:04 AM | Industry News
Researchers say they have discovered a botnet that uses compromised webservers to launch DoS attacks (instead of regular old PCs). The attackers are using a simple user interface to specify who they want to attack, what port and for how long. A few clicks later the DoS attack begins.
In this recent attack, the company observed two web servers targeting an anonymous host provider located in Netherlands. Shulman stated that the provider was however aware of the entire situation. According to the investigation, it appeared that these Web servers were basically compromised using a code which exploited a small weakness in PHP, the language most commonly used in the processing of Web Pages. This further had the ability to affect the Apache based servers, Microsoft Internet Information Services, etc.
The current attack basically employs the simple user interface which thus allows any person to particularly specify the IP address and its port number of the victim, along with the attack duration. This gained information is then submitted onto a form that includes a small message in Indonesian language asking you not to use it on your close ones. The attacker of these web servers is identified as “Exeman” who was concealing oneself from the eyes of the web investigators using the Tor network for its anonymity providing services.