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A New Chrome Release Every 6 Weeks
Category : General 23 Jul 2010 02:03 AM | Industry News
Google plans to release new stable versions of Chrome every six weeks as it continues to try and smash through as many builds as possible of its increasingly popular browser.
The company has now said it will be issuing a new version of the browser about every six weeks, which according to Anthony Laforge, a Chrome program manager, will put a a new "stable" version of the browser in users' hands roughly twice as often as in the past.
Laforge said Google had several goals in mind for the move, including getting new features to users faster, releasing updates on a more predictable schedule and taking pressure off its developers to finish features. Increasing the frequency of Chrome releases means programmers won't have to rush a feature to make an every-three-month deadline, delay the next browser release if they wanted to squeeze in the new functionality or ship the browser with the new feature switched off, said Laforge.