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Zeus Trojan steals £675000 from UK bank
Category : General 12 Aug 2010 12:06 PM | Industry News
M86 Security revealed that customers of the UK-headquartered financial company, which it refuses to name, have so far been hit for £675,000 by the Zeus v3 attacks.
The web-based malware infects the unprotected desktops of users visiting certain infected web pages, installing a browser plug-in which pops up to ask the user to log-in to their bank, according to M86 vice president of technical strategy Bradley Anstis.
It then cleverly checks the account balance of the user and, if it is over £800, will proceed to issue a money transfer transaction.
The malware was designed to attack only those accounts which had substantial balance, it said.
Online security firm M86 Security Labs said the customers were infected with a Trojan virus - which cannot be detected by traditional anti-virus software - while browsing the internet.
The Trojan, known as a Zeus v3, copies the passwords and usernames of customers' online details and transfers their funds to a different account.
It then gives the victim of the virus a false bank balance screen so they are unaware the cash has been taken.
The online security firm, based in California and Britain, uncovered the fraud when it penetrated the criminals' command server, based in Eastern Europe, and found a list of all the cash transfers.
However, M86 said it believed one high street bank was breached and failed to act quickly after warnings last month.
More than 100,000 PCs in Britain have been infected with other forms of the trojan virus.
McAfee Inc, the security software maker, said production of software code known as malware, which can harm computers and steal user passwords, reached a new high in the first six months of 2010