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Samsung Galaxy Player Targets Apple iPod Consumers
Category : General 26 Oct 2010 11:30 AM | Insider News
There is no doubt bout the impressive weight the Apple brand carries in today’s gadget marketplace. Apple has strong holdings in both the smartphone and portable media player markets with their iPhone and iPod, respectively. But now, Apple may have new competition to deal with, in an area they have long reigned as king. Google Android is now starting to show up on portable media players.
Samsung’s Galaxy Player 50, a portable media player, will be stepping up to the plate for Android. The player is a relative to the Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablet pc. Advertisements show the phone running Google Search by Voice, Google Maps, Android Marketplace, Layar augmented-reality browser and radio, camera, and camcorder. It features an external speaker and wi-fi capability.
Two different versions of Samsung’s new player are already being offered for preorder by – an 8gb version and a 16gb version. The website is offering the 8gb version for preorder at $276 and the 16gb for $346. According to the same site, the Galaxy Player 50 will run Android 2.1. It will also feature a 3.2-inch screen with 400-by-240 resolution, Bluetooth support, a 2-megapixel camera, as well as support for playback of numerous standard audio and video formats.
Apple’s previous challenger, Microsoft’s Zune, fell short in its attempt to take the portable media player market. How will Android fare? Android has been criticized by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, during Apple’s October 18th earnings call for being “very fragmented”- referring to Android phones and tablets. He also bragged that Apple’s App Store was three times larger than Google’s marketplace. Yet, Android continues to thrive. So far, the mobile operating system by Google has done well in smartphones, beating out both Blackberry and the iOS.
One thing behind Android’s climb to the top is its overwhelming presence on so many different smart phones throughout the market. While the Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is the first Android based media player, it could pave the way for many more Android devices just like itself. Google’s success in the smart phone field could just as easily transfer to media players.