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Category : General 07 Dec 2010 10:34 AM | Industry News
The worm has been seen spreading with the following links: "" and "" Twitter is aware of the attack and stated in a tweet that it is pushing out password resets to anyone affected. The microblogging site also advised users to check oAuth connections and revoke any they didn't approve.
The worm appears to be particularly targeting users of Twitter's mobile website,, and forcing their account to post a link that spreads the infection when clicked.
The rapidly spreading worm highlights the security dilemma presented by shortened URLS.
For example, looking at a normal, users can typically make an educated decision as to whether a site is indeed legitimate. However, an educated guess is clearly inapplicable with a shortened web address.
Indeed, when multiple "reliable" sources are compromised, more people are likely to click on a link and become infected.
"In this particular case, there's not a lot Twitter can do about it, unless they were to server every single line, and somehow able to determine that the links are malicious."
As such, users are advised to inspect shortened links before clicking and avoid any links shortened with
With the micro-blogging service growing in popularity, attacks like this are becoming increasingly common - and often leave Twitter playing a dangerous game of whack-a-mole with the attackers while legitimate users are targeted.
TAGS : Twitter, Worm, Malware.