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FBI warns of phone-based phishing scams
Category : General 02 Dec 2010 09:04 AM | Industry News
Commonsense and wariness need to be raised at any holiday-themed message, too -- particularly those promising Big Sales, cute videos or seasonal merriment.
But smishing, vishing and holiday scams are only one aspect of the mobile risks the holidays bring.
Criminals set up an automated dialing system to text or call people in a particular region or area code (or sometimes they use stolen customer phone numbers from banks or credit unions). The victims receive messages like: “There’s a problem with your account,” or “Your ATM card needs to be reactivated,” and are directed to a phone number or website asking for personal information. Armed with that information, criminals can steal from victims’ bank accounts, charge purchases on their charge cards, create a phony ATM card, etc.
Sometimes, if a victim logs onto one of the phony websites with a smartphone, they could also end up downloading malicious software that could give criminals access to anything on the phone. With the growth of mobile banking and the ability to conduct financial transactions online, smishing and vishing attacks may become even more attractive and lucrative for cyber criminals.
Attackers are also increasingly using phone and SMS-based phishing scams to steal money from businesses by targeting accountants, CFOs and other individuals within companies that have access to corporate accounts.
The IC3 is advising users not to respond to text messages or automated voice messages from unknown or blocked numbers.