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Google Chrome OS is "careless computing"
Category : General 14 Dec 2010 01:26 AM | Industry News
The founder of the Free Software Foundation has criticised Google's Chrome OS, claiming it will force PC users to put their data at risk by storing it in the cloud rather than on a machine.
Stallman singled out Google’s cloud-heavy Chrome OS for criticism, saying that the OS required a data connection to connect to Google’s cloud in order to store documents and private information. This represented a risk of loss of legal rights if the data is installed on any machine other than the user’s, Stallman claimed.
Google's Chrome OS system, first launched in July and is completely based around the cloud computing concept, will pose a litany of dangers to security and privacy information, in particular if the data storage is non localised.
It is based on the GNU/Linux system, the former of which Stallman founded, but is lacking the usual applications that accompany it, which is where the trouble lies for cloud storage.
Such system risks include loss of legal rights to data if it is stored on a company's machine's rather than your own, particularly in the US, Stallman points out.
The only thing Stallman likes about ChromeOS is that it is GNU/Linux, even if it is delivered without the usual applications, and rigged up to impede and discourage installing applications.