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Vodafone mobile records leaked
Category : General 11 Jan 2011 01:03 AM | Industry News
The incident came to the fore last weekend, and has been blamed on relatively easy access to the customer database through dealer log-ins, which allowed users to view all the personal details of Vodafone Australia customers at a glance, including billing data and call histories.
This leak of private information of the Vodafone Australia customers largely leaves most of the other mobile firms, especially those that do not have adequate data protection mechanism in place, with an open back door which can easily be penetrated by virtual intruders.
The details include names, home addresses, driver's licence numbers and credit card details.
The personal details, accessible from any computer because they are kept on an Internet site rather than Vodafone's internal system, include numbers dialled or texted, plus the time and location of calls or texts.
The full extent of the privacy breach is unknown, but it is possible that thousands of people have logins that can be passed around and used to gain access to the accounts of about four million Vodafone clients.
Michael Fraser, head of the Australian Communications Law Centre at the University of Technology Sydney, said it seemed to be a major breach of the company’s privacy obligations and ”unbelievably slack security”.
”The fact you can look up anybody as easily as that seems to be a gross breach of privacy and resulting in an almost negligent exposure to criminal activity,” said Professor Fraser, who is also head of the Australian Communication Consumer Action Network.
A Vodafone spokesman said yesterday the company had ordered an immediate investigation and review of its security.