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Kaspersky: Malicious Ads Through ICQ
Category : General 27 Jan 2011 10:16 AM | Industry News
The scareware campaign is particularly troublesome for the online adult industry because ICQ is the most-used instant messaging service in the biz and that the rogue antivirus "scareware" appears without user doing anything that normally triggers such pop-ups.
In reality, these scareware apps are actually the ones responsible for infecting a user's computer. Once these apps are installed, they then attempt to blackmail victims into paying the $40 or $50 to install the "cure" while simultaneously using the newly infected computer to spread more scareware.
Kaspersky Lab researchers identified the offending page distributing the malware as, a fabricated website designed to look as if it is affiliated with the Charlotte Russe women's clothing store.
The researcher suggests that the criminals responsible booked the ad campaign while pretending to be the clothing store, and then made it look as though they were hacked in order to fool the ad distribution network into allowing them to continue advertising. Kaspersky has notified the ad distributor of the malicious adverts.