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Category : General 05 Jul 2012 04:43 AM | Industry News
Google denies that Android devices are the source of the spam. read more »
TAGS : Google, Spam, Botnet
Category : General 04 Jul 2012 05:43 AM | Industry News
Severe storms that wiped out power to more than 2 million people across the eastern United States caused an outage of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud in northern Virginia. read more »
Category : General 28 Jun 2012 04:17 AM | Industry News
ESET Security researchers have discovered an espionage worm, believed to have originated from China, that targets and steals files running AutoCAD software. read more »
Category : General 24 Jun 2012 02:34 AM | Industry News
According to Symantec researchers, malware called Trojan.Milicenso has spent the past few weeks causing network printers worldwide to print nonsense characters until the printers run out of paper. read more »
Category : General 21 Jun 2012 03:53 AM | Industry News
Google says it identifies thousands of malicious websites and issues millions of warnings every day to Internet users as part of its Safe Browsing initiative. read more »
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