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CareIT Premier Support
CARE IT PREMIER is a blended solution that provides regular scheduled maintenance checks with paid support time blocks. Select from 20 to 40 hours based on your IT needs. Dual Layer will also provide regular proactive maintenance checks monthly, all included in the price. We provide monthly reporting, as well as a review of system logs in order to use preventative measures to ensure that your system remains working as expected.
Regardless of the issue, whether it is desktop, server or network based, we typically respond within 4 hours or less. Typical support issues resolved on a regular basis includes:
  • Adding or removing users
  • Firewall configurations
  • Virus scanning, cleaning, and antivirus files updating
  • Removing spyware and other intrusive programs
  • Computer hard drive cleanings
  • Network system maintenance
  • Data backup
  • Updating registered software
  • Email system reconfigurations
  • Router and LAN settings configuration
  • Files and printer sharing configurations
  • Patch updating to upgrade system
  • Windows security problems recovery
  • Internet security configurations
  • Internet connectivity troubleshooting