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While the cabling cost account for 2% to 5% of your infrastructure investment, an improperly designed or installed cabling can account for 80% of network problems.
Structured cabling is the backbone of all computer systems and provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. Without correct wiring the maximum throughput of a LAN/WAN is not achieved, hurting productivity and lowering efficiency.
Whether you have a small space or a large data center, our installers have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We can design and build structured cabling systems that support voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems.
The advantages of Structured Cabling are:
  • Consistency – It allows the same cabling systems for voice, data and video
  • Simplified Troubleshooting – By dividing the entire infrastructure into manageable blocks, it is easy to test and isolate errors. Problems are less likely to take down the entire network.
  • Support for Future Applications – Adding new applications and equipment such as multimedia, video conferencing can occur relatively easy
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Hassle Free Moves and Changes
Our expertise includes:
  • CAT3 (Telephony)
  • CAT5, CAT5e (100 Mbps Ethernet)
  • CAT6 (1000 Mbps/Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Fiber Optics
  • Cable Management