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Business Plans VS Enterprise and how they differ

Having millions of active users, Office 365 offers a comprehensive suite of applications bundled together in a single package. It was launched back in 2011 as a cloud-driven solution helping organizations and enterprises enhance their day to day operations while boosting overall productivity.

Probably this is one reason why organizations do not think twice before buying the premium version of the software suite.

Office 365 has two specific plans designed for the business leaders and the enterprise governors. Even though a majority of the offerings seem similar, there still lies a significant difference among the two and hence the pricing.

When you are planning to embrace the cloud solutions offered by Office 365, it is important to have a clear understanding of the two plans, their pros, and cons. This helps make a decision better and wiser.

To help you with the above, we have drafted this article. It outlines the two plans and ways in which one differs from the other.

Business Plans vs Enterprise 


Find below a detailed comparison between Office 365 business and enterprise plans.

  • Features

To begin, we first highlight the features that separate the two plans.

  1. Email Storage: Email storage is an important aspect when buying business software. For organizations that work over emails day in and out, Office 365 Enterprise plan is the best bet. It offers a storage space of 100MB in contrast to the 50MB email box of 50MB. Also, the former has the provision of unlimited archive storage along with a business class email hosting solution.
  1. CAL Rights: If you are looking for a solution that would allow you to run local servers for your enterprise applications, the Office 365 Enterprise plan again emerges the clear winner. When you purchase the plan, you are given the ECAL suite that provides on-premise CAL rights.
  1. Business Intelligence and Analytics: From advanced Excel to Delve Analytics, an Enterprise plan has a lot to offer when it comes to business intelligence and analytics. This helps organizations leverage data and make data-driven decisions.
  1. Additional Offerings: Litigation hold, skype for business and a mobile management tool, Intune are few of the additional features provided by Office 365 Enterprise Plan.
  • Price

Definitely an important factor when selecting the office 365 suite. From the above pointer, it is pretty clear that the enterprise plan offers much more than the business plan. Hence, it is predictable that the cost of buying the plan would be higher too. Where the business plan comes at a range of $5-$12, the Enterprise plan charges between $8-$35.

  • Suited For: Number of users

The Business plan is specifically designed for small scale organizations or the startup industries with a limited number of users. The plan allows access to a maximum of 100 users.

However, the Enterprise Plan is for the leaders or the big fat organizations with thousands of employees. It offers unlimited access to the software and its underlying features.

  • Security Terms

Having a cloud-based solution hosted remotely, security concerns are of paramount importance. The fact that the application provides ubiquitous access and has all of the data and enterprise applications, they are vulnerable to hacks and attacks. Keeping this in mind, the Office 365 Business Plan provides Advanced Threat Protection.

However, at times, you need more than that and this is where the Enterprise Plan seems better. The same comes with Device Guard, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, App Locker, Credential Guard, Enterprise Data Protection, etc.

  • Conclusion

What’s important to note here is that do not judge the tool in terms of pricing. Sketch out your business requirements and the pick one that maps your purpose best. The Enterprise plan might appear to be expensive but for what it’s worth, the price is totally justified. If you are someone who is just starting out, investing in a Business plan might be a better option.

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